Synthetic Bocce Courts

Bocce traces its roots back to the early Romans and enjoys a very rich and colorful history.  It has been played throughout the world for generations by people of all ages and skill levels.  Over the years, bocce courts utilized a wide variety of surfaces, so while the game’s governing bodies may call out a stone dust surface as official, Synthetic grass Bocce courts have been used for centuries.  According to

The reality is synthetic grass bocce courts offer an excellent playing surface compared to clay, sand or natural grass.  Unlike these surfaces that require constant maintenance, synthetic grass bocce courts are highly durable and require virtually no maintenance.  Plus, you can still spin the ball or roll it up to the Pelota.

Synthetic Bocce courts are a great addition to your backyard.  Whether you want to host neighborhood tournaments or just have an activity to enjoy with friends and family, consider adding a synthetic grass bocce court to your yard.